What is Festivus Colloquium?

Its a get together of sorts where fans supporting a specific fandom come together to share their views, challenge and enhance their skill of the fandom. The fans will be moderated and marked accordingly and earn prizes for the same. This a place where your knowledge helps you earn.

How do I join a committee?

Check out the "Contact Us" section in our Home page. Fill the form present there and finish the payment procedure. Our team will guide you through the rest within a day or two.

Is it worth participating?

It is only a matter of time before you realize that your craze or attraction to a particular fandom helps you make money. It is not only a chance for you to earn but also is a platform that helps you enhance your speaking skills as well as your confidence. It boosts your public speaking and helps you overcome the fear of it. So take a shot and see for yourself

Who can participate?

Any person interested in fandoms or looking to enter the world of fandoms can very well participate. Any person interested in MUN's is also welcome. Any person who loves challenges and the is good at tackling any situations can participate!!